Senator John Kerry´s ancestors in the male line
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Articles about John Kerry printed in the Boston Globe ( URL might change) 
email-address of  Michael Kranish, Boston Globe

DÖW has alphabetical listing of  Holocaust victims
Listings of graves in Vienna's Jewish Cemeteries
Gitta Sereny
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The Austrian  Franz Stangl was the head of the eustanasia murder action at Schloss Hartheim,  November 1940 - 1942; then commander in the camp Sibidor  until September 1942 and crowning his career as commander of Treblinka until August 1943; he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of about 900.000 victims.

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A guide through Jewish history in Brno from 1200 until present day; many excellent photos and diagrams, with English summary.

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A guide through Jewish history of all localities in Moravia and Silesia from about 900 until present day;  many excellent photos and diagrams, with English summary.

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